Andre Bal

Hobbies: Off-road driving, nature, photography, exploration, local food, doing the unexpected

After having visited different countries in the old fashioned way (plane or normal car), I did a self drive safari in Africa, and that is where my love for off-roading and remote travelling was born. After a year of digging into off-roading and overlanding I bought my Toyota Hilux Revo and had it heavily prepared and modified to enable me to do less ordinary travels. Recently I bought a Toyota Landcruiser 74 series as a guide vehicle.  More and more people contacted me and asked me if they could join me on my travels. Since I like to share my passions with others, I decided to setup 4x4-backcountry-travel.


In my daily life I am an independent IT professional, but now my work balance is shifting more towards my true passion, traveling.

I was born in 1963 and I have two grown-up sons. Originally I come from a farmers background, and I spent lots of time on the farm of my grandfather. My love for nature was born there, and I learned to drive with all sorts of big machines.

I followed an agriculture education, however in those days there was no work available and I proved pretty good in the early days of IT. By coincidence I got my first IT job and had several untill 2011. In 2011 I founded my own business in IT which is my major activity, however given my passion for traveling off-roading and overlanding, I started my travel business in 2020 in order to bring better balance in IT work and my travelling passion.

My most recent travels

The last years I have done 4x4 travels to Rwanda, Congo, Uganda, Marocco, Balkans, Spanish Pyrenees, French Morvan, Scandinavia (North Cape in Winter). I am now excited to take you along on my 4x4 and overlanding adventures, share experiences and make new friends.

You are kindly invited to join me on one of my tours

Rwanda, Congo and Uganda: Self drive safari organized by

Frank Peters took us along these 3 countries, onto the Nyiragongo Vulcano (Congo) and through various national parks. I drove and old, but very good Toyota Landcruiser, with a rooftoptent. It was an epic experience so if you plan to visit Eastern Afrika, I can highly recommend them.

Here is some video footage of this tour

4x4 backcountry travel marocc


Together with my oldest son and with 2 other vehicles we travelled through Marocco for 3 weeks. 1 week was guided by Paul van der Pluijm, we went through the high Atlas and into the Sahara desert. Epic scenery and we met very hospitable locals. Even had dinner with the Berbers in the high mountains living their primitive lives. A fantastic experience!

Here is some video footage of this tour 

4x4 backcountry travel serbia


With my youngest son I went to Slovenia, and after that went on a 10 day wildcamping tour with Rustika Travel where we traveled the Carpathian mountains in Serbia. This was my first Balkan experience and it was nothing less than Epic. Aleksander Veljkovic was our local guide and from NPL Overland Chris Rose was the backup & recue vehicle. Given the fact that my Hilux proved pretty capable, Chris let me do most of the recoveries (winching, snatching and advising people how to act in difficult situations). A great experience!

Here some video footage of this tour

4x4 backcountry travel nothern light

North Cape in Winter: Friends group

In Winter 2019 we went to the North Cape in Norway, I took along 2 cars with friends of mine and we had an Epic journey. Beautiful landscapes, some challenging deep snow tracks with lots of recoveries. Helping out stranded locals that got stuck off-road. And of course the Northern Light.

We also did a dogsledding tour which was an amazing experience, but had no time left to also to a snowscooter safari (which will be included in my Lapland and North Cape trips early next year).