How difficult are the tours?

* No experience required, possible with any 4 wheel driven vehicle.

** You should be somewhat familiar with your vehicle and made your first experiences in the field. Only 4x4 with Low gear ratio and decent ground clearance can participate. A winch is not required, but would be helpfull. SUV's can only particpate after contact by phone.

*** you should be confident in handling your 4x4 vehicle with low gear, and master standard terrain situations well. These stretches can include, river crossings, and deep washouts and holes. Steep uphill and downhill runs as well as contact with branches and twigs are possible. A winch is advised but not  required. 

**** you should be able to control your vehicle very well. You should be familiar with how the technology works and how your vehicle is handled in difficult terrain. These stretches contain twisting passages, river crossings as well as deep washouts and holes. Very steep uphill and downhill runs and frequent contact with branches and twigs are possible. These slopes with difficult obstacles or large stones require excellent driving skills. A winch and underbody protection are required. A small bodylift is advised.

Can I join trips with my SUV?

Most trips will require a real 4x4 vehicle with low gear ration, however some trips can also be done with an SUV, like our North Cape and Lapland trips.

What vehicle modifications would you suggest for most trips?

This all depends on the difficulty of the tour which is stated in each trip details page. Generally  a small lift, underbody protection, a  winch and snorkel are the modifications most applied.

Can we also rent a 4x4 vehicle since we do not have one ourselves?

Yes, we have a heavily prepared Toyota Hilux  Revo (2017) for rent, but it can only be rented if you join one of my tours. Contact me for details by mail or phone.

How can I check if a tire is a winter tire?

This logo should be on the tire

Do I need to have a CB radio?

Yes because we use CB for communication during the tour when driving, however if you do not have one, you can order a loan device in the booking form. Your vehehicle only needs te have a 12v plug available (lighter). we will provide you with an Midland Allen 42 Multi CB radio with a  Wilson Little Will magnet antenne.

Can we also have you put together a tailor-made trip or adjust or extend an existing trip?

There are many possibilities to meet individual wishes, please contact us via Email at info@4x4-backcountry-travel.eu, please also mention your telephone number, then we will contact you to discuss your wishes and possibilities. Keep in mind that the costs can increase significantly with a small number of cars / participants!

What navigation tools do you use?

My favorite tool is Gaia GPS It is available for IOS and Andriod smartphones and tablets. I run it on my Ipad 5 mini for navigation on tracks while at the same time recording the track we drive on my Andriod Nokia Scirocco Phone. Sometimes we have to leave the planned track, and then the phone records exactly what we have driven.