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I have a Toyota Hilux Revo (2017), it is a 2.4 double cab diesel engine with automatic gear box, with hi and low range gears.

I have applied the following modifications to the vehicle:

  • 2 inch suspension lift for increased ground clearance.
  • Pedders gel shocks with 300 kg additional weigth handling)
  • Heavy duty upper wishbone arms
  • Full underbody protection (Rival)
  • Front bumper (Rival heavy duty)
  • Rear Bumper (Gobi X) with wheel carrier and hitch receiver
  • Winch (Warrior 9500 pounds) with dyneema rope
  • Snorkel
  • Rival rock sliders
  • Extra adjustable air suspension (rear only)
  • Alu-Cab canopy with sliding drawers
  • Second battery (in rear), LifePo4 100 AH
  • Twin cylinder compressor (ARB) to inflate tires and air suspension
  • Work lights and long range beam lights (Lazer)
  • AT/MT tires (BFG KO2 as AT winter tires, and Cooper ST max for other conditions)

Other equipment:

  1. First aid kit
  2. CB communication (midland Alan 42 multi with Wilson little Will antenna)
  3. 2 PMR radios (Motorola T-92)
  4. 2 tree trunk protectors
  5. 9m Snatch strap
  6. 4 soft and 4 hard shackels
  7. 30 meters additional dyneema winch rope
  8. Snatch block and ring
  9. Hydraulic jack
  10. 4 recovery boards (Maxtrax)
  11. Makita battery powered chainsaw (DUC400Z)
  12. Standard set of spare parts (like filters and belts)
  13. Set of screwdrivers and wrenches (Mannesman) incl a

    torque wrench

  14. 12v multimeter
  15. Spare set of airline hoses
  16. 42 liter compressor fridge / freezer (Snomaster)
  17. Various 12v spare fuses and cabling
  18. Bunch of tywraps and various sorts of tape
  19. Buschcraft saw (Silky Gomboy) and snow shovel

Dutch chamber of comm. nr: 80327370

Kamer van koophandel nr: 80327370

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