NPL Overland

After a Balkan trip with Chris and Nils, we immediately connected as true friends. This year did some scouting in the Pyrenees with Nils, and our cooperation was born.

NPL Overland is specialized in the Balkans, Latvia and Corsica. Our Porfolios complement eachother. You can only be specialized in a limited number of regions

XYX Dynamics / Automotive

The only guys that are allowed to maintain and modify my vehicle. True 4x4 experts especially Toyota's. True specialists that have started a company that provides special hybrid drivetrains for most popular urban vans. They also do other types of innovative automotive engineering. Diego and Laurens are also die hard off-road guys occasionaly joining on my trips with their extremely modified Landcruiser: The Beast!

Peter Westerdijk

Peter, a former fighter pilot and airline captain, has become a good friend of mine. We do some scouting of tracks together, and Peter has now become a drone pilot providing me with spectacular footage.

Mark Bergman (Morvan Local)

Mark already owns a house in the Morvan for many years and knows the region quite  well. We regularly spent time together discovering new tracks. Mark is also one of my best friends!