My most flexible guided offroad option

I offer a very limited opportunity to join my scouting sessions. This is the most flexible & budget friendly way to join me offroad when I am scouting new tracks. You can join these sessions on a per day basis, space is limited to only 2 vehicles per day.

What are scouting sessions?

Prior to my scouting sessions I prepared offroad tracks in the region and I have no upfront idea what they will look like, how difficult they are and if they are open to public. This makes them exiting for those who are flexible and like the unexpected.

Be aware that during these sessions, the only service I provide is to be the lead vehicle for the exploration, and I provide the GPX tracks that I planned to scout. I will mainly use campings B&B’s or small rural hotels as accommodations, and I recommend to carry enough food supplies for 2-3 days. I recommend you have a fridge/cooler and camping gear with you. all accomodations, food & drinks are at your own cost. I expect to meet around 09:00 at the starting point, and no later than 09:30 at the start point of the track! After a driving day I search for available accomodation for myself in the vecinity where we end the day.

During my scouting sessions you will join me at your own risk and you are aware that we are scouting, so the difficulty of the tracks is unknown, although for the most part I expect between ** and***. Also understand that depending on the weather conditions, the track difficulty may vary. When situations get too challenging we will discuss how to resolve them. I will never let you alone without assistance and in the worse case we will drive back and start scouting the next track.

Safety is my top priority, and I have more than enough tracks available that are waiting for scouting. In case I should need to cancel one or more days for whatever reason, all your payments for the cancelled days will be fully refunded!

Driver & vehicle requirements

As a participant driver you should be familiar with your vehicle, I do not recommend novice 4x4 drivers to join my scouting sessions. If you are unsure please give me a call so we get to know each other and we can jointly decide to participate or not. Your vehicle must be a 4x4 vehicle with low gear ratio. It must have sufficient ground clearance and AT or MT tires, Spare wheel and standard car jack. You should bring your own camping gear and I recommend having a fridge / cooler to carry at least 2 days of food and drinks. Of course your vehicle should be in a healthy state of maintenance. Preferably you have a CB radio, if not I can provide a PMR or CB radio for you on a rental basis.


Pricing is 75,- Euro per day that you join.

This includes my guiding & assistence service and the electronically supplied GPX tracks that are planned on the days you booked with me.

No other services are included, like accomodations, food & drinks, vehicle costs etc. You pay all of these yourself.

Payment schedule:

  1. 30% within one week after your recieved my booking confirmation by email
  2. remaining 70% before 1 month prior to the session start date
  3. If you book one month or less in advance of the session start date 100% within 1 week after receiving my booking confirmation.
  4. After I received your full payment, I will email you the details, like the meeting place and GPX tracks.

Note: in case I (have to) cancel session days, you will get those missing days fully refunded.

Booking process

You make a booking for each day you want to join my sessions.

In case of questions, please contact me.

To be planned scouting sessions Pyrenees

Spanish Pyrenees scouting sessions summer 2021

dd-mm Village of Tapis (53 km of tracks, 2 available)

dd-mm Village of Montagut (46 km of tracks, 2 available)

dd-mm Village of Riudaura (65 km of tracks, 2 available)

dd-mm Town of Ripoll (74 km of tracks, 2 available)

dd-mm Town of Ripoll (35 km of tracks, 2 available)

dd-mm Village La Pobla de Lillet (69 km of tracks, 2 available)

dd-mm Village of Gozol (72 km of tracks, 2 available)

dd-mm Village of Bellver de Cerdanya (70 km tracks, 2 available)

dd-mm Village of Arranser (65 km tracks, 2 available)

dd-mm Village of Civis (66 km of tracks, 2 available)

dd-mm Village of  La Sue d'Urgell (62 km of tracks, 2 available)

dd-mm Village of Sort (91 km of tracks, 2 available)

dd-mm Village La Pobla de Segur (73 km of tracks, 2 available)

dd-mm Village of La Parroquia d'Horto (74 km of tracks, 2 available)

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