Workshop details:

You are expected to arrive the evening before the workshop at the campground in Furstenau. This workshop is for 4x4 vehicles with low gear ratio.

Difficulty: ** to ****

Accomodation and meals:

1 night camping in Fursten Forest

Groupsize: Minimum 4, maximum 8 vehicles

Included services:

Fursten forest entry fee

1 night camping on the terrain.

Guide vehicle(s)

Workshop including theory and practice

Excluded services:

Food and drinks


180,- Euro for vehicle with 2 persons.

This offer is covered by the STO Garant guarantee. You can find the conditions for this guarantee scheme on STO Garant’s website (

Vehicle recovery workshop

Exact dates to be confirmed

When off-roading and overlanding it is essential to understand, and have experience with recovery gear and how to safely use this. This is the purpose of this training. In a controlled environment I will explain everything about this, and after some theory we go out in the field and execute various recoveries and understand how to safely execute them.

When you are planning an off-road or overlanding tour, it is essential to understand which recovery equipment to bring along, this all depends on the nature of your tour.

Recovery gear:

  • Recovery boards (like Maxtrax)
  • Vehicle recovery points
  • Load spreader
  • Snatch straps (Kinetic straps)
  • Hard and soft shackels
  • Recovery blanket
  • Jacks
  • Winches
  • Tree trunk protectors
  • Snatchblocks
  • Shovels

I will:

  1. Explain the required gear in different situations
  2. How to safely use it
  3. How to organise a recovery
  4. Demonstrate various recoveries
  5. Let you execute various discoveries

For those who are considdering to prepare / modify their vehicles I can provide advise which modifications would be the most usefull given the type of travelling you are planning. I have extensive experience in this area, so during the workshop do not hesitate to discuss this with me. If there is insufficient time during the workshop you can always contact me afterwards.

It is easy to spend a lot of money modifying your vehicle and buying a ton of stuff, it proves quite hard to remain within the GVM limits of your vehicle (staying road legal and insured) when planning off-road or overlanding trips, so proper choices should be made.